Displaced: Stories from the Syrian Diaspora is a book that shines a more personal light onto the historic migration of Syrians into Europe. Using intimate photography and storytelling to humanize the refugees, we hope to give the reader a deeper understanding of the crisis. The book captures who it’s happening to and how it’s affecting them.

We have explored the motivations behind their migration, the reality and the life they’ve left behind, the minutiae of the journey, and how they have integrated into their adopted nations.

We traveled through Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden interviewing and photographing Syrians as they embark, travel, and reach their destinations. Their stories will be intermixed with locals to add context and balance to the story.

Slated for a July 2017 release, the book will give you the first comprehensive eye-level view of the migration crisis as it has traveled through Europe and continues to make headlines today. Order now to reserve your first edition copy.

— A Project by Sara Kerens and Majd Taby